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NYBYB In-House Rules

NHBYB In-House

Rules and Expectations

Game Rules

National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) official basketball rules shall govern play.

Only Head Coach can stand during the game, and approach officials with a question.

  • 4- six minute quarters
  • 2- 30 sec timeouts 2 one minute timeouts for entire game
  • 3 min halftime
  • Half Court Man to Man defense – NO ZONE DEFENSE
  • Overtime:  There will be ONE 3-minute overtime then the game will end in a tie
  • To keep the integrity of the game, you can man to man full court press with 1 min left in the 4th quarter.
  • Rationale: (if the score is 28-29 and the team with 29 points are in bounding the ball with 10 seconds on the clock the defense will want to foul so time doesn’t run out – this keeps the integrity of the game in play)
  • In the spirit of SPORTSMANSHIP, it is suggested that no team shall embarrass or humiliate another team by running up the score.
  • Mercy rule is 40 points anytime in the second half.  Once a 40 point difference is reached, the clock continues to run even if the score gets under 40 points.
  • All teams should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled game.
  • One team should provide a clock operator and the other a scorer.


  • Remember coach’s responsibility when it comes to respecting officials.  If a technical is given to a coach, player, or a fan, you must contact NHBYB within 24 hours.  
  • Please discuss with parents and players your expectations of how to behave in a game.  
  • Head Coach is responsible to control fans.  
  • Parents must remain respectful to officials, players, and fans.  


  • Bring a towel in case water bottle spills at bench
  • When weather changes, be sure parents don’t walk on floor. (it could delay the game)
  • There will be a speaker and microphone to introduce the players before each game 2 minutes before it starts.  It’s important to follow the times because we will be playing multiple games in the gym on Saturdays. Set game clock between games to stay on time.

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