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North Hills Youth Basketball Club (Formerly NHBYB)


NHYB will complete paperwork by year 4 to be an official non profit organization.  NHYB was founded for the purpose of providing NHYB students interested in basketball a chance to playin either an inhouse/community league or a travel league.

The official name of the organization is the North Hills Youth Basketball Club.

ARTICLE II – Affiliation(s)

NHYB will not be associated with any other recognized basketball association.  The NHYB Club will maintain an affiliation with students in the North Hills School District only

ARTICLE III – Objectives and Principles

Our Mission at NHYB is to teach, develop, organize, manage and offer youth players the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of basketball while instilling life lessons and values such as character, teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship.

ARTICLE IV – Governing Body

The club will be governed by a Board of Directors that consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar/Technology Director. The Board will be elected at the end of each 2 year term or when a vacancy occurs.

The Board of Directors will make decisions concerning league play, policies, procedures, and/or regulations based on the constitution, by-laws, rules and regulations.

The Board will set registration fees based on the financial needs of the league.

All league policies, rules, by-laws, procedures, etc. will be governed by the Constitution and By-laws. The constitution may be changed only through the process described here. A member of the NHYB may make a motion to the Board in writing of the desire to change the constitution.

The Board will review and vote on the proposal. A majority vote will be required for the proposal to be changed into a new by law. By-laws may be changed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors in attendance at a scheduled Board meeting.

ARTICLE V – Board Officers

BOARD OF DIRECTORS – The management of the property and affairs of the league shall be vested in the Board of Directors. The Board’s membership will consist of the members listed below with the duties as outlined for each

Any Board vacancy will be filled by the President with approval of the Board.

PRESIDENT – The duties of the President will be to...

1. Preside at all league meetings.

2. Assumes full responsibility for the day to day operations of the league.

3. Receives mail, supplies, and other communications to the league.

4. Assure that all league personnel is properly trained on all rules, regulations, and policies of the NHYB Club.

5. Act as a liaison to the school district

6. Serve the minimal of 2 years, with intentions of fulfilling role upon election

VICE-PRESIDENT – The duties of the Vice-President shall be to...

1. Preside in any and all meetings in the absence of the President

2. Is an official member of all committees.

3. Carries out duties and assignments as assigned by the President.

4. Organization and coordination of facilities permits and communications with facility staff

5. Other duties as assigned by the President.

SECRETARY – The duties of the Secretary shall be to...

1. Record the minutes of meetings.

2. Organize and plan uniforms and spirit wear

3. Assist in maintaining rosters of all teams and coaches

4. Other duties as assigned by the President.

TREASURER – The duties of the Treasurer shall be to...

1. Monitor the budget.

2. Dispense league funds approved by the President.

3. Sign checks.

4. Reports on the status of league finances to the Board of Directors.

5. Maintains league books and financial records.

6. Procure and maintain insurance at the director of the Board of Directors.

7. Other duties as assigned by the President.

Registrar/Technology Director – The duties of the Registrar/Technology Director shall be to...

1. Maintain website

2. Open/close registration                                                                                                                                                  3. Handle all day to day operations on website including refunds and transfers

4. Other duties as assigned by the President.

COMMITTEES – If interest in participation warrants, committees can be formed to delegate tasks including, but not limited to: Travel and in house commissioners, uniform distribution, spirit wear distribution, picture day, special events, scheduling, coaches coordinator

A committee member may be replaced by a petition to the Board of Directors for non-participation or non-administration of their duties.

ARTICLE VI – Formation and Division of Teams

The league will consist of players in the North Hills School District that are in Grades 3-6 only.

• In House league/Community league for boys and girls.  Visiting schools can be added to the schedule at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  An end-of-the-season tournament should be offered if the schedule allows. 

• Travel league for boys and girls as deemed appropriate after tryouts.  Travel teams may be entered as “A” or “B” if the outside league offers the option.  Travel teams cannot increase the numbers on teams if it would take players away from the in-house/community league that would prevent the league from playing.

ARTICLE VII – Team Responsibilities

Teams and players will abide by the following guidelines:

1. No team may begin practice until the Board of Directors gives them permission to do so.

2. There will be no changes, alterations, or revisions to the practice schedule without prior permission of the Board.

3. After the season begins, teams may have no more contacts other than the schedule set by NHYB

4. When school is not in session for any reason (snow, holidays, etc.), there will be no practice, scrimmage, or games. 5. The season ends on the last date of the last game for all in-house/community teams.  Players will not be sponsored by NHYB for insurance, practices, or tournaments once the season ends.

ARTICLE VIII – Conduct of Players, Officials, Coaches, and Spectators

Any individual participating in a NHYB sponsored event (including practice, game, meeting, tournament, etc.) will be responsible to follow the Code of Conduct adopted by NHYB as stated in registration and on the website.
Last updated: August 2021


-Call to order at 5:30 pm by Heidi Scarsella

-Attendees: Heidi Scarsella, Vince Pollaro, Jason May, Joe Amatucci, Shaun Mellinger, Bob Patsilievas

-Absent: Nate Wilkinson and Sonny Amato 


Name is officially changed to North Hills Youth Basketball Club (new EIN number).  The club still owns NHBYB in case the boys/girls ever decide to function separately.


Balance is shy of $3K, bills to be paid are $250 for EIN number and $20 for GoDaddy that secures our website 


Meeting was on 8-13-21 with Heidi Scarsella and Mr. Weber in attendance.  All Health and Safety protocols/plans will be given to those using school facilities.  Those plans can include limited gym capacities, wearing masks, hand sanitizing before entering gym.  Since COVID/variant is a fluid situation we should be ready for changes as they come.  We will need to use a NHYB log in to reserve gym times.  Gym reservations can start Oct.1  The goal is for NHYB to provide inclusive basketball opportunities in the NHSD to promote community and player development.


Tasks to be completed are-

Board Insurance (need an initial policy)


Club insurance for players based on number of games

Secure Referees 


Update website

Uniforms and spiritwear

Health and safety plan statement added to website and flyer

Flyer in PeachJar (all elem and middle school)

Refund Policy

Future Business:

Creating Committee members for 22-23 season 

We are in need of volunteers and new board members.  We can add this to the registration to identify those willing to help.


-Head coach/assistant coach (or bench parent)

-Uniform and Spirit wear coordinator


-Coach Manager (gather clearances)

-Youth Coordinator


  1. Raising cost of in house and travel to accommodate the additional fees associated with paying youth to run the clock/be present on Saturdays for the boys in house and girls community games.

  2. Determining how many travel teams (A and B, or A only) will be based on registration numbers and at the discretion of the grade level travel coach

  3. Hiring youth or adult assistants to help manage the in house boys and community girls program on Saturdays.  

The board voted unanimously (using text for those members who were unable to attend) and motions 1,2,3 passed.

The timeline of the season will be Sept 1-15 registration, Oct 1 starting evals/teams forming, Nov 1 practices, Dec 1 games, ending by first week in Feb.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 with some members continuing to meet regarding uniform choices.


Basketball Board Meeting 3-15-22 (via Zoom)


Heidi Scarsella, Nate Wilkinson, Shaun Mellinger, Sony Amato, Matt Moriconi, Catherine Regan (first half of meeting)

-Catherine Regan requested to address board: items for action will be addressed in July

-Nominations for 2022-2023 (found in Google Drive)  Welcome back Sonny Amato!

-Results from the end of the year survey (found in Google Drive)

-Inventory (found in Google Drive)


Change in bank

Change from NHBYB to NHYB

New Co-signers

Goal is retain a balance, we are at a surplus

-Changing NHBYB to NHYB and 501c3

-Proposed changes for 2022-2023 season:

  1. Cash and carry items 

  2. End of year celebration

  3. Open gyms (possibility on Saturdays)

  4. New coaches items: ball pumps, shoe sticky pads, and decrease amount of books

  5. NHYB account for reserving all gym times

  6. All travel teams MUST enter 1-2 tournaments, no exceptions

Planning meeting 8-29-22:

Saturdays Boys will remain at Ross, Girls in house will be at the Rec Center and 4 travel games will be held at NH Sr High

During the week, NH Sr High will be used for travel games, any left over time will be for practices

Board should consider renting the Rec Center on Tues/Thurs 6-8

Discussion on raising funds for Rec Center rental

Continue to explore PR and NA leagues

Travel teams will have to practice on Friday nights


North Hills Youth Basketball

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